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fit2aim missionMany years have been spent testing and documenting putter design for Chris Aoki Putter Fitting Method. This is a system to categorize the effects of different design features and how they improve aim.

We start with Fit2Aim® laser technology. A mirror is placed on the face of your putter while a laser light, representing the hole, shines at your golf ball about 6 feet away. When you’re setting up to the ball and aiming at the laser, the ball is removed and the laser light reflects from the mirror on the putter to somewhere on the backboard behind the laser.

You can see where you’re aiming. If you’re 12 inches left of the target at 6 feet away, the task of holing out the putt becomes very difficult. Of the thousands of golfers we have tested with their own putters, 95% are off-line.

Finding a putter with all the right specifications to set up for a good stroke and improve aim is difficult to develop and memorize.  The research has been done for you to get the criteria you need for a custom-fit putter.

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