Custom-Fit Result-Driven Putters



Fit2Aim®  Custom-Fit, Result-Driven Putters

Products in Chris Aoki Putter Fitting Method are separate, interchangeable design features.  They have been researched so each component can be assembled to complete the custom-fit process.

The six interchangeable design features used are shaft, lie angle, hosel design, hosel offset, head shape and slight line location.


Shafts come in different lengths to accomodate your posture, height, arm and grip position.

Lie Angle

Lie Angle is a bend in the hosel.  The hosel is a design feature that connects the shaft to the putter head.  This allows the putter head to sit flush on the ground while the shaft is at the appropriate angle for you.


Hosels connect the shaft to the putter head.  Our research has found that different hosel shapes affect how you see to aim the putter face.  Two different hosels shapes are available for testing during the fitting process.

Hosel Offset

Fit2Aim® hosels are also designed with five encrements of on-set to offset.  Offset means the shaft can be positioned behind, in line with or forward of the putter face.

Head Design

The Z-A Series has a brass face with balata backing.  There are four head shapes in this series.

The Signature Series has a milled face.  There are also four head shapes in this series.

You may choose your preference between the Z-A Series or Signature Series.  The appropriate head shape is determined during the fitting process.

Sight Line

The sixth product is sight line location.  Four different sight line locations are available including blank or no sight line.


Fit2Aim® putters can be SST Pured® and is offered an an option.  Please visit for more details.


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